Health and Safety: Warehouse

For GWC Valves, warehouse safety is important since they have a wide stock of inventory in their warehouse and the industrial valves they have are massive and take up a lot of space. Warehouse safety is important for any organization since your customers rely on you to ensure that the products are stored and distributed properly. You need to manage the logistics process day-to-day for the safe operations for the warehouse and distribution centers.  It is important to have a manager in the warehouse who is in charge of controlling the hazards that could put your workers, your business and your customers products at risk.


The health and safety act and its regulations state that employers, supervisors, and workers all have their own responsibilities in the work place and they must know them and follow them to avoid potential accidents. The general duties that employers have include being able to provide information, instruction and supervision to workers to protect their health and safety which means letting them know about safe work policies, measures and procedures specific to the workplace environment and the work they will be performing. The employer needs to take every precaution for the protection of their workers, ensure the equipment, materials and protective devices are provided and are all in good working condition. Supervisors need to ensure that workers comply with the health and safety act in the workplace, ensure that the workers are wearing proper work attire and advise the workers of the potential or actual health or safety dangers, if needed giving the workers written instructions and take every precaution for workers. The workers are required to use or operate the equipment in safe manner, report defects in equipment, work in the occupational health and safety act regulations and report any hazards to the supervisors or employers.